A Letter to my 16 year-old Self

Hello Beautiful,

I want to let you know that I love you and you are doing well in the future. God is your central source, without Him you are nothing. You love learning and you have made some good decisions.  You have a loving husband and two-beautiful children, sounds storybook huh?

I want to give you some words of encouragement.  You have the world and all opportunities available to you.  Take advantage of your youth and the time enjoy it….don’t rush it!  Being adult is not hard but you have to take care of your business, be responsible and right now you have some work to do.  Hang with people who truly enjoy who you really are.

First of all be truthful with those you love.  Sexual relations is for God honoring married adults who are committed (you’ll learn in the future not everyone who is married is committed). 

I know you don’t like this, cuss me out if you want to but keep reading.  Be careful… you don’t know it all.  I know you are smart enough to protect yourself against diseases and pregnancy with condoms and birth control. That’s just the beginning there is no way you can undo emotional or physical heartache and pain when knowing you have been used sexually. There is even the probability that you won’t stay with the guy and having multiple partners is a dangerous pattern of behavior.  To be blunt- little girls should not play with sex. Adult actions = adult consequences= children, diseases, emotional drama, hurt, daycare, poverty, delaying education. Don’t lie to your family.

You really need some support.  Talk to your counselor about finding an adult mentor buddy or something to do. I feel that such a person can boost your esteem and help you begin focusing on College or a career path.  Don’t wait to the last minute….well you did, too late.  Ask questions, take care of your body and please know that you are fearfully and wonderfully made Psalm 139-(your favorite chapter.)

You have a great future. God has blessed and has kept you.  You have lost some loved ones along the way who have been with you from the beginning.  Cherish your grandparents because they won’t be here always.  Record your conversations with them so you can remember their voices.

Look at what you are naturally good at and strengthen those areas where you are strong like helping and being concerned for others and plan your career from there.  In the summers get bold and ask adults can you follow them around on jobs you think you may be interested in.  It’s called Job Shadowing.

I have to wrap this up…I could keep going but I want to talk about your mom.  Love her, you are angry with her …be careful and don’t be quick to judge. You don’t know what happened in her childhood or teen life.  She is working her behind off for you and sisters…she always have.  I love her and have found she had amazing strength all along.

Hey I’ve learned that you cannot control the behavior of the adults in your life but YOU can control YOURS.  Be loving, caring, and forgiving, because that is the real you. 

Everyone who comes to parenting is brand new. It’s a tough job, some are better at it than others; some can only do the best THEY can.

I love you.  Please take care of me. Protect me.  Love me.  Strengthen my mind and body. Make good choices for us. Our body is the temple of God. Embrace yourself. Be comfortable with your body.

You are smart, mature for your age, and insightful.  Observe, look around, and learn to be proactive… don’t wait for others, ask questions. 

Side Note: Look for full paid scholarships… YOU STILL HAVE COLLEGE LOANS!

You can do it! I love you so much.


Me, Yourself. (2013)


About T.Michelle Miller

I am a born again believer in Jesus Christ my savior and Lord. I am one wife to one husband and mother of two. I enjoy abundant life, watching movies, going to the beach, biking and laughing with my family! I have finally begun my writing journey.
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