Children Created for Purpose

Children are created for a purpose.  Children are a gift of God.
It often blows my mind how my worldview is foreign to others, that’s okay, I am a critical thinker who believes not everyone should feel the same way about every thing.

With that being said……

I have been thinking allot about children and ….here it goes I am about to lose the two of you who actually read my posts, that’s cool.

This week was the Pro-Life Day of Solidarity October 16th 2012, I missed it. The day was use to commemorate a day of silence for unborn children who have been aborted or will be soon. I would have has my red duct tape on my arm, if I had it.
Today the children and I have a devotion about Samson (Judges 3)**.  This was an extension of our Wednesday night Bible study.  Before Sampson came on the scene as a future judge for the Israelites and how an angel of the Lord appeared to his barren mama about God’s plan for her unborn and please note, not yet conceived, child.  God had sent a manual to the mother first (hello), chapter 1 section 1, then to the parents on how to raise the child up, he was to be a Nazarite from birth which implicated strict (come out of your negative American response to the word-look it up) -regulations for diet, grooming and lifestyle. My son vehemently objected to the fact that he would not be able to eat grapes because “but grapes are healthy mama!”.  I affirmed his emphatic understanding that grapes are healthy and yes this is true but God gave the rule, the command, and the standard.  Just because we disagree doesn’t mean that we can change God’s rules.  I told him that there is nothing bad about the grapes but GOD SAID no grapes for all of Samson’s life.  Hard to swallow huh?   I emphasized to them the fact that they are special and that God has birthed them into this world for a special purpose just like Samson.  I told them an angel did not visit me but I do know that they are to live for God’s glory and make disciples by sharing the good news of Christ the Super Saver of the World who died and rose again.

**Special Note: For those who don’t know how Samson turned out (Read Judges 13-16) oooooh-wheee! …I didn’t say the dude was perfect but he was a mess! It will be a great study for parents and children.

During my pregnancy I received the book on pregnancy, “What to Expect When You Are Expecting”, but by no means did I honestly and intentionally think once about God’s plan and purpose for baby. I was more concerned with the pain, payments,and pampers. As I look back it would have been beneficial for me to begin reading the Bible and familiarizing myself more with the documented stories on how messengers were sent to tell mothers like Sarah, Hannah, Mary, and Sampson’s mama that hey you have someone special that it is about to be birthed out of you and for God’s Glory.

I’m pro-choice and pro-life. Woman if you choose with to lay with a man be ready to get up with the consequences.  I don’t want to help pay for your Plan B  or abortions due to poor choice behavior. Make the choice before not after if you don’t want to have them.  If you don’t want kids don’t participate in the practice of making them. I am all for an unmarried woman’s right not to have sex.

I am so very concerned about the crimes committed against our smallest Americans. With violence seen daily in the news involving crimes of sexual and physical abuse against children such as the Sandusky wickedness, pedophiles in churches, and now more recently the Boy Scouts of America admittance to neglectful workers covering up abuse of boys within the organization past… innocence is a fleeting characteristic when it comes to children.  Children need to be protected!

What can I do? What can you do?

Speak up for children call parents, teachers, and adults “out” on their mistakes, misguided actions or words.  Monitor children, nurture them, and listen to them. Give them a chance at life…the world….it is jacked up!, but they may have the IDEA, INVENTION, or CURE!

Don’t count them out as a burden, an obstacle, or a nuisance.  Don’t buy these lies.

Children are a gift from God.


About T.Michelle Miller

I am a born again believer in Jesus Christ my savior and Lord. I am one wife to one husband and mother of two. I enjoy abundant life, watching movies, going to the beach, biking and laughing with my family! I have finally begun my writing journey.
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One Response to Children Created for Purpose

  1. Helen says:

    Samuel !: ! and Jer 29:11
    He is Lord! God is Alpha and Omega!
    Before we as females disclose ourselves to our partner Stop and say Lord is this right in your sight?

    The right choice is not have sex unless it is within our Creators standards!

    God is Faithful!

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