At the Dinner Table Talk

At the dinner table last night my husband and I (mainly “daddy”) had a chat about “celebrity”.  What does the word mean? who is a celebrity?, and How do we relate to them? I do not permit my children to watch BET, MTV, The Real Housewives of ______________ because of parental knowledge that some of these mediums can cause stunting and deformation of the young and developing minds of children.  With all the profanity, sexual innuendos, and outright violent behavior displayed in media period; with that being said….. these are on the list of the Miller’s Family’s “no-no’s.

Image is everything we discussed how image and money are important to the celebrity.  We discussed pop stars, ball players, actors and actresses.  We asked ourselves what do really know about them? What’s real about them and do we know them personally?  We found out we did not know where they lived, their values, or event their favorite snack (important to my 7 yr old).

OUR children did know however who their parents were, where they lived, and had knowledge of their favorite snack and drinks.

Parents as celebrities just for being parents, I guess it’s possible… right away I think of John and Kate not the perfect example but …one.  That’s not the point thought, the point is do you children know about you more then they know about Bieber?

We discussed how there were no celebrities who:

  • Healed us of mysterious illnesses,
  • provided food, clothing and shelter,
  • gave us guidance and direction

Our family chose to thank God for those blessings and provisions.

Are children able to see true role modeling right before their eyes? My answer is,  just make it happen.  Image is not everything.


About T.Michelle Miller

I am a born again believer in Jesus Christ my savior and Lord. I am one wife to one husband and mother of two. I enjoy abundant life, watching movies, going to the beach, biking and laughing with my family! I have finally begun my writing journey.
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