A Mind to Work

When Nehemiah had considered the matter, he told the Jews that God had put it into his heart to build the wall of Jerusalem. He does not undertake to do it without them. By stirring up ourselves and one another to that which is good, we strengthen ourselves and one another for it. We are weak in our duty, when we are cold and careless. -Matthew Henry Commentary

During my morning studies I realized Nehemiah had finished rebuilding the wall in just 52 days in the time around what we know of as October in Nehemiah 6.  I thought about some characteristics Nehemiah displayed in order to do the “work” God called him to do.  First God placed it on his heart, he was focused and had a plan. He then enlisted the help of all of God’s like minded people, they all had a role and position.  It was not recorded on whether they fought about who should put on the roof, or who gets to put the bars on the door…it was noted that they worked hard, it wasn’t easy but they carried out the work God gave them. Scripture also mentioned the fact that they worked closed to their homes on the part of the gate nearest to them (Nehemiah 3). What “work” needs to be done around where you live?

There were detractors and enemies that wanted them dead, they were scared but refocused were strapped (Nehemiah 4:16) with weapons and continued to build the wall of Jerusalem.  What work has God called you to? Are you focused? Are you going to be able to “stay in your lane.” These questions are for me also.

In Nehemiah 5 there was some internal (family) drama people were broke, hungry, in fear and disappointed in the actions of family members.  This was an awesome example of admitting wrongs and doing what you could to “make things right”.  They had a mind to work and kept on going.

How about us? Do you have a mind to work for the Kingdom of God.  He has given us so many ways to glorify Him.  So many avenues and channels, to do the work of the Kingdom of God. Let us pray to God and be like Nehemiah if there is some case or cause that breaks your heart talk to God about. Let God orchestrate your next steps, plans, and move to action not in your self but with full knowledge of God’s favor and will. To God be the Glory for all He is!


About T.Michelle Miller

I am a born again believer in Jesus Christ my savior and Lord. I am one wife to one husband and mother of two. I enjoy abundant life, watching movies, going to the beach, biking and laughing with my family! I have finally begun my writing journey.
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5 Responses to A Mind to Work

  1. Amber Moffity says:

    Amazing job, doing God’s work! Continue to allow him to use you. This came right on time!

  2. Michelle Rhodes says:

    This is great! I agree with Amber. Continue to let God use you!

  3. B.Barr says:


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